Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday Travels

I've been having a marvelous time here, even if it is hot and humid. After we go out somewhere, I come back to the apartment and crank up the air conditioning. I live a pretty spoiled life in Orem, Utah! Cairo is crowded, dusty, and dirty, but so very interesting. I don't feel too out of place, and I'm not at all uncomfortable walking around. People are more interested in looking at Rachel than they are at me!

Rachel is so cute! Here she is at the Victory College playground (actually on Monday). She gives me loves and hugs all the time. When she starts to have a tantrum with Nancy, I can just pick her up and calm her down. I'm hoping this week will help Nancy get some things done and just have a little relief from being with Rachel all the time. The three of us went downtown on the metro train yesterday to see the Egyptian Museum and then had lunch at--get this--KFC!

The Egyptian Museum is huge - and full of stuff - so much that they don't even have most of it labeled. A must see!

This is a view of the Egyptian Museum from across a very busy street, with the Cairo Tower in the distance on the left.

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