Friday, October 24, 2008

Cehtsing Temple

The best way for us to get around town in Pune was to hire a car and driver right from the hotel. That's how we've been getting to see all these things. Just so you know, there are no other white tourists anywhere. This is not your typical tourist destination, so the people here just aren't used to seeing light-skinned (in my case, pale) people. They don't stare too much--just enough to get a good look!
After our visit to Sarasbaug Ganpati, we had a little extra time so the driver said he'd take us to another interesting place. Of course, we had absolutely no idea where we were going. It takes a lot of faith to be at the mercy of a stranger, but since he was a hotel employee we figured it was safe wherever he took us. So we ended up an this interesting temple. The driver wrote down the name for us: Cehtsing. At least that's what I can make of his handwriting.

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