Sunday, September 13, 2009

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie . . .

If you want to do a little tile in the basement, then you have to get new carpet, too. If you're getting carpet in the family room, you might as well get the bedrooms done, too. If you're getting new carpet, then you have to paint all the walls. If you're replacing the ceiling in the bathroom and Hyrum discovers an illegal dryer vent, you have to replace it. If he finds that the tub surround is cracked, you have to replace it. If you're replacing the walls around the tub, you might as well replace the tub. If you're getting a new tub, you're going to need a new toilet and vanity. If you're getting a new vanity, you'll need a new countertop and sink and faucet and lights and medicine cabinet and mirror. If you're getting new carpet in the family room, you might as well replace the hated ceiling lights with recessed lighting. If you're replacing the lights, you should replace all the light switches and outlets so they match. If you manage to get all this done in a reasonable amount of time (and not too much over budget), you can sit in your new basement and enjoy a cookie!

Last week before we left for Seattle, we ripped out the carpet and did prep work for all the painting that needed to be done. We left Jacob in charge, and he did a marvelous job, with fantastic help from Emily and Lauren.

I should have taken "before" pictures of the entire basement but forgot, and my dear friend Dorothy took these photos with her cell phone and shared them with me.

So we're in the process of redoing the entire basement (except for the storage room). It has turned out to be a much larger project than anticipated, but it will be worth it in the end.

Can you tell Jacob is proud of the work he's done? So are we!

This week the tile will be done and carpet installed. Then starts the process of putting everything back where it belongs. You should see the rest of the house! Stuff is piled everywhere in the living room, Reid's office, and the garage. It will be so nice to have it all put back in its place in newly remodeled rooms. I'll post photos of the results!