Saturday, October 18, 2008

Falafel's NOT Awful

We had dinner delivered tonight--a real Egyptian dinner with falafel, foul, koshari, and pita bread. I have to admit I approached it with a lot of trepidation. Once upon a time Andrew made some falafel for us at home, and I nearly gagged. But I am in Egypt, so I braved a bite of everything. Not bad! Incredible as this sounds, the falafel sandwich was my favorite. I will eat them, Sam I Am! I will eat falafel with green eggs and ham!

Injury update: My knee just has a bruise on one side, so it's not bad. My toes, however, are a different story. I showered after we got back from the pyramids to try and get all the dust and dirt off. Just having water wash over my toes was excruciating. There was a large flap of mangled skin hanging on the top of my second toe, and I counted four separate wounds. I couldn't even move my toes and started to think that the second toe might be broken. Wouldn't that be just great? But I cleaned up the wounds as best as I could and bandaged them up again. Nancy kindly gave me an ice pack, and I just sat here reading while the ice cooled my toes. I can wiggle them a bit now, and the pain is not as bad, so I think I'l be okay. I will not be able to wear my shoes for a while, so sandals will have to do. We even ventured out to Road 9 again tonight, and I survived (albeit walking much slower now).


Andrew said...

The falafel was actually green too :)

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