Friday, October 24, 2008

Everybody Loves Raymond

After checking in to the hotel, we decided to be brave and walk around the area. We are in a huge shopping and business district called Connaught Place, and the hotel staff assured us this was a great place to visit and is perfectly safe. As we were walking, a kind stranger befriended us and showed us the way to some shops and restaurants before hopping on a bus for his home. We stopped at a restaurant called The Embassy and had some good old-fashioned chicken noodle soup (Reid's stomach has just about had enough Indian food). On the way back, we actually got in one of those little auto-rickshaws and enjoyed a 10-minute ride right through the middle of all the traffic. Those drivers aren't afraid of anything!
As we were out and about, we came across the most wonderful store. You see, Reid has always aspired to be like my brother-in-law, Raymond Miller. He can do anything--hike, ski, fix things, grow things, survive in the wild, etc. Reid has always said he wants to be just like Raymond when he grows up. Who knew we could just come to Delhi and go to the Raymond Shop? I'm not sure if you go there to buy a Raymond, or if they just have everything Raymond!

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