Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Friday, so it must be time for Church

Andrew was right; it does get a little confusing going to church on Friday. Yesterday felt like Saturday, but it was really Thursday. We went to church today, and now I feel like I have to leave tomorrow because I know I'm leaving on Monday night. But it's really only Friday!

It was really great to go to church and meet all these people Andrew & Nancy have been talking about for months. What a nice group of people! And so international--during Relief Society I sat with Maria, from Puerto Rico, and sang in Spanish with her. There are members of the branch from all over the world here. I'll get to see them all again on Sunday night when we attend a fireside with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

After church we stopped by the apartment of the family whose daughter Andrew tutors. They have access to the commissary and promised to get Andrew some great American food. We came home with real sausage, mint chocolate chip ice cream, peanut butter, and some other stuff. Andrew was in heaven!

Rachel was so tired after church--now she is down for a long nap. I'm not sure any of us has the energy to go out again, but if we do we're going to Coptic Cairo. And tomorrow we're off to see the Sphinx!

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