Friday, January 8, 2010

Wednesday, December 30

One more time, off in a van to be tourists. This time we headed east to the city of Suez, which just happens to be the southern entrance to a famous canal by the same name. It was cool to see the Red Sea and to see all the ships in the distance awaiting their turn to use the canal.

12-30-2009 001 Suez

Then we drove on to the resort town of Ain Sokhna where we were able to play in the Red Sea for a while. Nancy said the water was awfully cold, but I thought it was warmer than the water we experienced in San Diego last June. Rachel was more than thrilled to be out of the van and free to play. She loves to be in the water and sand.

12-30-2009 006 Ain Sokhna - Red SeaRed Sea at Ain Sokhna

12-30-2009 010 Ain Sokhna - Red Sea“Mom, this is not my wet suit!”

12-30-2009 012 Ain Sokhna - Red SeaWading in the Red Sea

12-30-2009 014 Ain Sokhna - Red SeaChillin’

Since we were home by 3:30, we decided to let Rachel get wet again by going to Maadi House. She loves the warm water of their swimming pools. We then enjoyed a nice American dinner in the restaurant before heading home. What a wonderful day!

12-30-2009 024 Maadi HouseFamily fun

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