Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday, December 26

We spent the entire afternoon touring around Islamic Cairo, the area of the city containing some of the oldest mosques there are. Since Andrew is studying Middle East history, he’s the best guide to have.

12-26-2009 001 Bab Zweila mosqueBab Zweila mosque

12-26-2009 002 view from Bab Zweila mosqueview of Cairo from roof of Bab Zweila

12-26-2009 004 view from Bab Zweila mosqueview of the Citadel from Bab Zweila

12-26-2009 003 view from Bab Zweila mosqueview of Cairo from Bab Zweila

12-26-2009 005 Andrew & Jacob on Bab Zweila minaretAndrew and Jacob near the top of Bab Zweila minaret (on the left)

12-26-2009 006 above gate at Bab Zweila mosquesign over top of gate at Bab Zweila

After a tiring day, we left Nancy at home with the girls (they were all exhausted) and had dinner at Lucille’s, once touted as the best hamburgers in the world by someone at Time Magazine. They are delicious, I’m told, but I don’t know if they’re the best in the world!

12-26-2009 008 Grandpa & MiriamPerfect ending to a wonderful day – Grandpa and Miriam

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