Monday, January 4, 2010

Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas! What a wonderful way to spend our Christmas: in Egypt with Andrew & Nancy and our two granddaughters. Rachel was so very excited to see all the presents and also to see what everyone else received. She wasn’t too thrilled to leave it all behind to go to church, but she managed to survive.

12-25-2009 001 Christmas morning Reid and Miriam

12-25-2009 007 Christmas morning Reid and Rachel

After church we headed up to Coptic Cairo, a very Christian area of the city with many churches and crypts. Two of them claim to have been refuges for Joseph, Mary, and Jesus while they were in Egypt.

12-25-2009 012 Coptic Cairo Mosaic at the Hanging Church

12-25-2009 014 Coptic Cairo Hanging Church

12-25-2009 036 Coptic Cairo Coptic Christian/Greek/Egyptian cemetery

12-25-2009 040 riding the metro Waiting for the metro

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Nancy said...

That last picture of Andrew and Rachel sure is cute. :)