Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, December 31

When will the madness end? We just had to get in another day of being tourists, but this time Nancy and Miriam wisely chose to stay home and get some sleep. The rest of us, however, were just crazy enough to go back out into the streets of Cairo. This time we headed up to the Citadel, probably the most recognizable site in Cairo’s skyline. The Mohammed Aly Mosque there is fairly new (1820s) and is quite stunning. There is also an old palace which has been nicely preserved.

12-31-2009 001 The CitadelThe Citadel

12-31-2009 006 The Citadel

12-31-2009 007 The Citadelcourtyard of the mosque

12-31-2009 011 The Citadelceiling in the mosque

12-31-2009 013 The Citadelgorgeous stairs

Down the hill from the Citadel is the Mosque & School of Sultan Hasan—very old (1300s) and one of my favorite spots.

12-31-2009 015 Sultan Hasan MosqueThe greatest Islamic building in the world

12-31-2009 017 Sultan Hasan Mosquecourtyard

12-31-2009 018 Sultan Hasan Mosqueprayer area

Next door to Hasan’s mosque is the Mosque of Al Rifa’i, a much newer structure (early 1900s).

12-31-2009 022 Al-Rifai Mosque

12-31-2009 026 Al-Rifai Mosquebeautiful woodwork

12-31-2009 027 Al-Rifai Mosqueinside the mosque

To celebrate New Year’s Eve, we watched Harry Potter #6 and endured the loud sounds of a neighbor’s party (which didn’t end until 3 a.m.). Basically, we’re boring people, but we do enjoy one another’s company.

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