Sunday, May 20, 2007

Timpanogos Dance Theatre

Timpanogos High School has an excellent modern dance program (if you like that sort of thing). Sarah needed a fine arts credit, so this semester she took Dance 3, the class just below the dance theater team. It's an entirely different style of dancing--not at all what she's used to in ballroom--but she has enjoyed the experience. The first video is just an introductory piece of each class, but I only taped Dance 3's portion.

This piece is entitled "Give It To Me." Sarah is mostly on the right side of the stage, but it's nearly impossible to tell you which one she is since they all look alike!

The last dance she was in was called "Shaping Us." No offense to those of you who enjoy this type of dancing, but I'm personally relieved it's over. Sarah is in the back row, wearing orange and black.

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