Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gnome, Sweet Gnome

Reid's grandfather (Opa, as he was known to most) was famous for his garden. He cherished each and every plant and always made sure his yard and garden were taken care of. Opa had quite a collection of garden gnomes, many of which had been repainted over the years. Some of the older ones were made of cement, and some were made of resin. All of the Heiss grandkids enjoyed seeing those gnomes in Opa's garden.

When Opa died, the family divided up the gnomes, and we brought four of them home. They were in desperate need of new paint, and I dutifully put them on my craft counter so I could "get around to it." That was over six years ago!

I'm proud to report that our four little gnomes have finally been spruced up and have found a new home in our "Opa Memorial Garden" on the side of our house. They turned out pretty cute (and I'm glad to have the counter space available again).

Our side yard

The one with the bucket (resin)

Carrying a pole (resin)

Fisherman (cement)

The one with the wheelbarrow (cement - weighs a ton!)


Nancy said...

They did turn out pretty cute, indeed.

marquita chiquita said...

wow, they look like new. I bought one of those little garden gnome kits from Barnes and Noble. It came with a teeny pocket-sized gnome and a booklet about gnomes. Well, I left the gnome at my mom's while we were in Washington DC last summer. when we got back my mom told me that something quite funny had happened with the gnome. She had put it in one of her little planters in the house and a week later there was a little mushroom growing at his feet!

Apparently he had been busy while we were away.

Snoopytroll said...

hey! would you mind telling me what you did to prep and repaint the little guys? Snow White and her 7 friends have taken up residence in my yard, and are in desperate need of a paint job! if you don't mind, you can email it to me at I'm snoopytroll.