Friday, May 25, 2007

Celebrating the Performing Arts

For the first time ever, all the performing arts groups at Timpanogos High School got together for one big concert on May 7. This was especially cool for us since all three of our children at THS were involved. Sarah and Jacob are on the ballroom team, and Emily plays flute in band and cello in orchestra. The dance videos begin in black, but just be patient and wait for the music to begin playing. Emily is 1st cello (the one closest to the conductor and the front of the stage). Here are their performances:

In the Middle of the Night - Ballroom Team

It Don't Mean a Thing - Ballroom Team with Jazz Band

Happy Feet - Ballroom Team

Funiculi, Funicula - Symphony Orchestra and A Cappella choir with Justin Benson, soloist

When the Saints Go Marching In - Symphony Orchestra and A Cappella choir

St. Paul's Suite, 1st movement - String Orchestra

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