Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Never Again

All I can say after the trip to Arizona is, "Remind me never to do that again." After a couple of uneventful days (with Sarah still mad at me), on Friday I went to dinner with Rulon & Marcy, Therena & Taylor, David & Joy, and Bethany & Bryan. About an hour after we got home, I started feeling very queasy. After a couple of hours, I was on my knees in the bathroom worshiping the porcelain throne. What a miserable night! I spent the entire night throwing up every hour or so. That's pretty difficult considering there was nothing left in my stomach after the first episode. By the time Saturday dawned, my insides decided to add diarrhea to the equation. I spent the entire day in agony!

So what brought all this on? Come to find out, Therena's little boy had this stomach bug before we got there, and Rulon & Therena both had it on Thursday. So being the generous family that we are, we decided to share. On Friday night, there were three of us in the house who were sick--me, Daniel, and Dale. Maybe family togetherness isn't all it's cracked up to be.

We decided to embark on our journey back to Orem at 8:00 Sunday morning. Thankfully, my insides were feeling almost normal by then, so I was able to drive home without incident. The weather, however, didn't cooperate very well. But instead of wind and sand, this time it was rain and snow. Sarah and her friends remained angry with me through the whole trip. I'll forever remember this "vacation" as the one I should never have taken.

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