Monday, November 9, 2009

Egyptian Phone Stalkers

It has happened. I've been stalked. Nancy has been through this, and now it's my turn. My phone rang this morning; thinking it was my alarm, I reached over and hit the button that turns off the alarm, but it kept ringing. Since I can't see well without my glasses, all I could think was maybe it was Reid calling me, so I said "Hello." A man started speaking to me in Arabic, so I quickly hung up. He called three more times in rapid succession, so I just turned off my phone.

Later in the day I turned my phone back on, and there were missed calls - from the original number and two different unknown numbers. I did like Nancy and put all the numbers on my screened calls list so they don't actually ring, but you can see on the phone when those numbers are calling. One of the ladies in the branch had mentioned that she always answers the phone in a low, man-like voice to avoid this problem, so when the guy called this afternoon, that's what I did. I thought my problems were over, but he started called again this evening. One of the calls came late enough that Andrew was home, so he answered it and was pretty angry with the guy. He hasn't called back yet.

Andrew says these dumb Egyptian men with nothing better to do just start calling random numbers until they hear a female voice. Then they just keep calling until they finally get tired of it or something. It's such a pain!


Myrna said...

I am glad that I didn't have a phone when I was in Egypt. Frowny face on me for you, Karen. Sorry you have to have a phone stalker.

Andrew said...

Here's what the BBC has to say about it: