Monday, December 21, 2009

Luxor – Monday, December 21

Today we traveled two hours north of Luxor to the Dandara Temple, one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt. It was amazing! The roof is intact and the colors inside are vibrant. The carvings are beautiful and plentiful. I’m in awe of the effort it took to build these temples and wish I knew more about the people who built them.

12-21-2009 004 Entrance to Dandara Temple

12-21-2009 015 Beautiful carvings

12-21-2009 017 Carvings and columns

12-21-2009 023 Jacob and Andrew

12-21-2009 029 Surrounded by a group of school children on a field trip

12-21-2009 035 Carving on the ceiling, probably 30 feet high

12-21-2009 037 More ceiling carvings

12-21-2009 048 Notice the carved figures going up the stairs

12-21-2009 063 Jacob being dwarfed by carvings

12-20-2009 072 Carved outer wall

12-21-2009 073 Rachel relaxing in the arms of a sphinx

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