Saturday, December 19, 2009

I’m a Tourist – Finally!

Reid & Jacob arrived in Egypt just fine, even though they were pretty nervous about getting to the airport, having their passports checked, finding their luggage, and meeting up with a car driver for the ride to Andrew & Nancy’s apartment. When Andrew reserved a driver to pick them up, he said it was for Mr. Reid. The guy said, “Ok, for Dr. Reid.” Reid was pretty excited that someone thought he was a doctor.

Reid made Jacob sit in the front seat of the car beside the driver—just for the culture shock value. Jacob thought he was going to die before they even got to the apartment (the traffic is a bit scary if you’re not used to it!).

Rachel was thrilled that Grandpa and Jacob had finally come to her house. We had been waiting so long! She gave Jacob a hug and then went into Grandpa’s arms—and that’s where she’s been ever since. I am no longer her favorite person; Reid has usurped my role. Perfect timing, too, because I twisted my back two days before they arrived, and I can’t pick Rachel up very well anymore (something she isn’t too happy about).

Friday morning we went to church where Andrew was able to give Miriam a name and a blessing. Such a sweet experience! And it was great to have Reid and Jacob participate, along with several of the branch members.

After church we hurried home for some lunch and then packed for our trip to Luxor. We needed to be at the airport at 4:00 for our 6:00 flight. This trip was another milestone Rachel has been looking forward to. We’ve been playing and pretending “we’re on the airplane” for weeks now. Rachel was so excited to finally be getting on that airplane. The flight is only about an hour—just about right for her attention span.

So anyway, today began our touring part of this Luxor trip. Andrew knows how to the use the local mini-bus system, which to me is quite intimidating. But for under $1 we can transport all seven of us pretty much anywhere we want to go in Luxor—lots better than getting ripped off by the taxi drivers.

We started out at the Luxor temple, an amazing complex of sphinxes, columns, temple buildings, pillars, statues, etc. This is Andrew & Nancy’s third visit to Luxor, so they were able to give us all kinds of information.

12-19-2009 017 Luxor temple

12-19-2009 009 Avenue of the sphinxes Avenue of the sphinxes

12-19-2009 022 Rachel & Grandpa, Luxor temple 12-19-2009 023 Jacob at Luxor temple

12-19-2009 042 Rachel & Grandpa, Luxor temple Rachel & Grandpa give the “thumbs up” on Luxor

Our next stop was the Karnak temple, an even larger complex of the same kinds of stuff. Reid and Rachel spent most of their time together, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Reid’s back hurts now, too.

 12-19-2009 056 entrance to Karnak templeentrance to the Karnak temple

  12-19-2009 058 strange heiroglyphics, Karnak templestrange heiroglyphics

 12-19-2009 069 original color on ceilingoriginal color on ceiling

 12-19-2009 068 Grandpa & Rachel having a look aroundGrandpa & Rachel having a look around

  12-19-2009 089 family photo attemptfamily photo

 12-19-2009 096 hungry Andrew, jet-lagged Jacobhungry Andrew & jet-lagged Jacob

  12-19-2009 097Karnak temple 

After a visit to the Luxor Museum (it was so nice to be inside an air-conditioned building; even though it’s December, it was pretty warm walking around outside all day) and dinner at the museum cafe, we arrived back at the St. Joseph’s Hotel at about 6:30. I was surprised it was so early, because it really felt like it should have been much, much later. What a wonderful, tiring day! Better get to bed early, because tomorrow we’re going to the Valley of the Kings!

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Myrna said...

Yeah, you posted! Glad they arrived safely in Cairo and that you all arrived safely in Luxor!