Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Hate Tax Day

This happens every year. April 15 looms nearer and nearer. Reid asks how the taxes are coming. I say, "Don't talk to me about it." I hate doing my taxes. It's not that the task is so overwhelmingly difficult. I just hate doing it. So I put it off as long as possible. Last night (April 13) I decided the time had come. Armed with folders, papers, computer access (and a mint brownie), I just did it. And the outcome wasn't so bad--didn't make as much money last year, so I didn't have to pay so much. Since I work from home, I always have to pay self-employment taxes, so paying at the end of the year is no surprise. So why in the world do I put this task off so late every single year? If I think of it as having a splinter in my finger, why wouldn't I just pull it out right away and get the pain over with?


Myrna said...

It is just a task that is easy to hate.

Nancy said...

Andrew always does our taxes. :) I haven't had to do my own since getting married since we file jointly. It's kind of nice.