Monday, December 15, 2008

Heiss Happenings 2008

With school now long over and our traveling all done,
Thanksgiving’s forgotten and the poem’s begun.
And oh, this past year has been filled with some drama—
A lot of it starts with a man named Obama.

I couldn’t resist. Yes, I tried to abstain
From bringing up this year’s presidential campaign.
But after eight years of George Bush and Dick Cheney
It was nice to see someone a little more brainy.

But no more Bush-bashing the rest of this rhyme,
For some of my readers may want equal time.
Enough of those matters about politics.
It’s time to review what we did just for kicks.

Each year, as I read your kind letters to us
I whine and complain and put up such a fuss.
I’m jealous. I know, it’s not right, I agree,
But most of you travel the world more than we.

Well this year with Karen, my wife, as you know,
To quite distant lands on this globe we did go.
She flew out to Egypt, to Cairo to stay,
So she and her granddaughter Rachel could play.

They laughed and they played and they saw many things
Like pyramids, mosques, and the tombs of old kings.
They traveled by camel and taxi and boat;
They walked past those shops sporting heads of young goats.

While she played in Cairo, I was far, far away
From Chicago through Delhi to a place called Pune (poo nay).
It’s a city just east of a place called Mumbai (moom bye)
That was once called Bombay, but I’m not quite sure why.

I was there for my work. At the end of my stay
Karen arrived and we toured for six days.
We saw Taj Mahal, temples, mosques, and old forts
But it felt great to return to the Salt Lake airport.

Besides travels abroad and some closer to home
The Heisses did more than just endlessly roam.
There were three graduations that took place this year.
Andrew’s was first and mine brought up the rear.

Andrew finished college with a bachelor’s degree
In Arabic language and Islamic studies.
And what do you do with a degree so arcane?
You fly off to Egypt with your wife on a plane

And not just with Nancy, they took Rachel, too.
So we went to the airport and bid them adieu.
With their luggage in tow and their stroller at hand
They flew for two days to that grand ancient land.

While Andrew’s at school, Nancy stays back at home
Where she’s caught a bad case of that blogger’s syndrome.
If you want funny stories and snapshots to see is where you should be.

With one grandchild gone, we have one still quite near—
Katharine and Todd’s baby Kayl’s now one year.
He thinks about walking though he’d much rather crawl.
It’s safer that way ‘cause it’s a much shorter fall.

But walking and talking will come to him soon.
Like all parents of young kids they won’t be immune
To the crayons on the wall and sharp toys on the floor
And the little boy fingers that get caught in the door.

For part of this year Sarah lived on her own,
But now she is here with her cat and her phone.
Not really a phone, more a growth on her ear,
And she texts and she texts to all of her peers.

Besides texting and calling, she is now into school.
She’s a full-time student, which we think is cool.
While math is a struggle and science for geeks,
I am proud to announce that it’s history she seeks.

In May came the next graduation this year.
Emily finished high school (with not a few tears).
She had a great year with the band and her cello
And marching at games and performing her solos.

She is now at the Y and in marching band,
And like good little parents we sat in the stands
For all the home games, in the rain, heat or snow
So we could see Emily play her cute piccolo.

And speaking of watching a child while it’s raining
Jacob, our senior, spent half the year training
To run in St. George in the marathon race
Where he hoped he would cross the line in first place.

Well, he didn’t come first, but he ran to the end
In four hours and three minutes; not too bad, my friends.
So we sat in the rain and we sat in the cold
To cheer on our son who’s now 17 years old.

Diana and Richard, who started this year
As expectant parents, now have reason to cheer.
They had a new baby and Michael's his name.
But before we could know him, they moved—now how lame.

They live in Seattle where Richard attends
An art school and hopes that he soon will ascend
To the top of his class, to a job that will pay.
Diana just hopes that he'll finish one day.

Well, our last graduation, as mentioned above,
Was mine, and it’s one that I’m fairly proud of.
A Masters Degree in Public Administration!
In August I endured our third graduation.

I have written and said all I can in this rhyme.
Now I send it to you during this Christmas time.
May your season be joyous, your lives free from trauma.
My thanks to all who elected Obama!


Nancy said...

As much as the previous post was alarming, this post was possibly equally charming.

Natalie said...

You should be published! :o)