Monday, November 17, 2008


Nancy "tagged" me a while back about quirks, and I've been feeling obligated ever since--but not overly enthused. She explained the rules: A - People who are tagged need to post these rules and 8 random habits, facts, quirks about themselves. B - At the end of the post you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names. I'm going to be rebellious and only do part A. If anyone out there feels so inclined, go ahead and consider yourself tagged!

1. I like to stay up late. It became a really bad habit when the kids were younger and around me all day. Late nights were my only refuge from the noise. Reid goes to bed fairly early, so I get to enjoy a couple of hours to myself. Now that I have the house to myself almost all day now, I really should get rid of this habit!

2. I cannot leave a jigsaw puzzle unfinished. If I get one started, I will practically drop everything else until the puzzle is done. I've been known to work on puzzles all night long (again with the late-night thing). And I want to be the person who connects the final piece.

3. I handle all the power tools in our house. Reid doesn't know how and doesn't want to learn, and I learned from my Dad, so projects are up to me. You should see the great picnic table and benches I made. I'd go outside and take a picture, but (you guessed it) it's the middle of the night right now.

4. I tried playing the clarinet and the trombone in elementary school, but thankfully stuck with the piano and organ. I've wanted to take organ lessons for years but have never gotten around to it.

5. Two and a half weeks after I met my husband, Reid, we were engaged. And we got married just two months after that!

6. I can type 100 words a minute.

7. When I was young, a constant fight with my parents was over making my bed every day. I figured, what's the use? You're just going to get back in it that night! Now, however, it really bothers me if the bed isn't made. I guess it just feels better to have at least one thing in my house organized.

8. I'm an administrative assistant by profession/education and can organize and reorganize practically any office, but you should see the mess in my home office! I keep telling Reid that it's easy to organize for someone who's paying me to do it, but at home there isn't that tangible reward. You'd think he'd get the hint and start throwing a little cash my way.

There, Nancy, I did it.


Nancy Heiss said...

Thanks :) It's fun to learn these things. We need to have Rachel start asking her grandparents weekly that we can find out more things about you!

Myrna said...

Thanks for sharing your quirks, Karen. Actually, you have some really useful quirks.